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DC is ripe with growing businesses and talented young people who together have tremendous potential to positively impact our economy. DC Talent Leaders links these two groups together, empowering employers across the District to engage with local young people, ages 18-24, through quality summer internships and programming.

With support from Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Department of Employment Services, DC Talent Leaders achieves this mission by enabling youth to engage meaningfully in professional work experiences. It also provides the tools and opportunities for DC businesses like yours to increase the number and quality of summer jobs available to young people in our city.

In the process, our city’s employers have the opportunity to make a significant impact in shaping the District’s future workforce.

For Employers

DC Talent Leaders serves as a meaningful and inclusive platform for our city’s employers to come together and cultivate the future workforce of our city. We invite local employers to partner with DOES and the Mayor’s Office to host local interns for summer work experiences, offer free benefits to your existing summer interns, and transform how your business engages with talented local youth.

Make sure to consider the following options before completing the DC Talent Leaders application:

  • If you are offering available subsidized internships, you will have the opportunity to host youth talent from the Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP).
  • If you are offering available unsubsidized internships, you will have the opportunity to host youth talent from across the District.
  • If you have already hired youth for unsubsidized summer internships, fill out the form to offer them the benefits of DC Talent Leaders.

Joining DC Talent Leaders is not only completely free, but also offers many additional benefits to your business that include:

  • Public recognition for your efforts to create a diverse and talented workforce.
  • Access to exclusive events and networks with potential business and channel partners.
  • Management opportunities for your employees.
  • Opportunity to recruit and retain from a pipeline of highly motivated pre-professionals who are inspired to expand their skill-set in your field.
  • A toolkit and framework that empowers employers across the city to develop and provide a quality youth work experience.
  • Ability to provide DC youth talent with free access to transportation, the opportunity to compete for scholarships, special banking products, micro-learning opportunities and other incentives.

Please direct any questions to dctalentleaders@dc.gov. Thanks so much for your interest in shaping the future of the District’s economy.

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For Summer Interns

We know summer work experiences, including internships, provide important opportunities to explore career interests, develop new skills, and gain experience in a professional working environment. DC Talent Leaders wants to support your future success. If you’re a DC resident between ages 18-24, and you have either signed up for SYEP or secured your own summer internship, apply today to join our inaugural cohort. DC Talent Leaders aims to bolster your summer work experience with:

Joining DC Talent Leaders is not only completely free, but also offers many additional benefits that include:

  • Future part-time and full-time job prospects.
  • Metro subsidies.
  • Access to membership and special banking products exclusive to SYEP participants.
  • Opportunity to compete in the Mayor’s Opportunity Scholarship Program
  • A series of special learning opportunities and events, led by employers from across the District.
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Please direct any questions to dctalentleaders@dc.gov. Thanks for your interest!

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