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Sector Liaisons

Name Sector Phone Email
Stefanie Kenchen Liaison Lead & NAF Academy 202-741-5870 stefanie.kenchen@dc.gov
Dawan Davenport Schools 202-698-6267 dawan.davenport@dc.gov
Penelope Diggs Community-Based Organizations (A-L) 202-698-3493 penelope.diggs@dc.gov
Melissa Watts Community-Based Organizations (M-Z) 202-698-6685 melissa.watts@dc.gov
Ciara Boderick Government
(includes all Federal & District Government  Agencies)
202-698-5627 ciara.boderick@dc.gov
Lee Thompson Private Sector (A-J) 202-698-5671 lee.thompson@dc.gov
Richard Strong Private Sector (K-Z) 202-698-8193 richard.strong@dc.gov
Ayana Williams Contracts (HCA) Liaison 202-698-6019 ayana.williams@dc.gov
Alona Joyner Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Liaison 202-671-2868 alona.joyner@dc.gov

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